1200x800 Plastic Euro-pallet ASF800PES

Product no.: ASF800PES
This light yet robust rackable plastic pallet in Euro-pallet size has 3 skids and an open structure, for increasing lightness and reducing the slipping of wares. It is made out of purified HDPE regenerate
Picto_dimensions_v2_59x0  1200x800xH155 mm
Gewicht_98x0  10.4 kg
picto_taquet_91x0  Without safety border    (also avaible as option with safety border)
Granulat   HDPE-R   
color   black
picto_resistance_meca_statique_v2_nov12_185x0  Static load max. 3000 kg
picto_resistance_meca_dynamique_v2_0_60x0  Dynamic load max. 900 kg 
picto_resistance_meca_rack_v2_185x0  Rack load 500 Kg   (with opt.  steel inforcement max.  600 kg)
picto_palette_par_pile_0_60x0  16 pcs = 1 shipping sales unit 

picto_nmbre_par_camion.eps_104x0  528 pcs = 1 Full-Load Truck  (33x 16 pcs) 

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