Hygienic pallets

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1200x800 hygienic pallet AIP1208H1

Product no.: AIP1208H1

Hygienic pallet /  Exchange pallet AIP 1208 H1

1200x800xH160 mm

1200x800 V3 Hygienic pallet

Product no.: AIP1208V3

Arcawa Hygienic pallet V3, Euro-pallet size. Completely closed, high quality pallet for Food and Pharma. Rackable with up to 1000 Kg.

New 1200x800 Hygienic pallet V3-CR

Product no.: AIP1208V3-CR

Hygienic pallet AIP 1208 V3 CR, Plastic pallet with closed skids, and closed deck (both top and bottom surfaces are closed)

1200x800 Hygienic pallet V3 with 9 feet

Product no.: AIP1208V3-9F

Hygienic pallet AIP 1208 V3-9F in Euro-pallet size 1200x800, 9 feet, not rackable

1200x1000 Hygienic pallet AIP1210V1

Product no.: AIP1210V1

Hygienic pallet in Industry format 1200x1000mm. High quality, rackable, multi-way pallet for the Food and Pharma industries.

1200x1000 Hygienic pallet with 9 feet

Product no.: ASF1210H9

Arcawa Hygienic pallet  in 1200x1000 size with 9 feet. Not rackable. High-quality pallet for Food & Pharma industries.