0800x600 Hygienic pallet - Halfpallet

Product no.: HYPAL08063K.MR
The Arcawa Hygienic pallet, in halfpallet size. This pallet is completely closed (has no grooves where dirt could acumulate, esily cleaned) and is designed for the highest demands of the food and pharma industries.
This pallet is usually produced with 3 skids



Art. HYPAL08063K.MR
Picto_dimensions_v2_59x0  800x600xH160 mm
Gewicht_98x0  9 kg
picto_taquet_91x0  With safety border    ( without safety border only by request)
Granulat  HDPE  virigin material - Foodgrade
color  grey - RAL 7001
picto_resistance_meca_statique_v2_nov12_185x0  Static load max. 3000 kg
picto_resistance_meca_dynamique_v2_0_60x0  Dynamic load max. 750 kg 
picto_resistance_meca_rack_v2_185x0  Rack load max.  500 kg
picto_palette_par_pile_0_60x0  15 pcs = 1 shipping sales unit = 1 coli 800x600x h2305 mm
picto_nmbre_par_camion.eps_104x0  990 pcs = 1 Full-Load Truck  (66x 15 pcs) 
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