Pallet frames

Pallet frames

Pallet frames / top frames for plastic pallets are hygienic and easy to clean. In practice, foldable pallet frames have become established which can be folded to the length of the pallet with 6 hinges / M-fold. For larger quantities, there is the possibility to print the plastic frame with a logo or to produce it in a special color.

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Palletframe System HPR H 200mm

Product no.: HPR- Aufsatzrahmen

Pallet frame system HPR with a usable height of 200 mm in 3 sizes - each with 4 or 6 hinges

Modula Pallet plug-in frames with H 200 mm

Product no.: Modula Steckrahmen

Modula pallet frame system based on 1 system pallets  &  plug frames

Hygienic Collars Eurofold / Euroframe 400mm

Product no.: Eurofold_Frame_Flex

High-quality pallet frame made of plastic, type Eurofold / Euroframe, suitable for all Euro pallets of size 1200x800 mm in the hygiene areas


Product no.: AWF120808-6S-1K12
Delivery weight: 20 kg

Pallet folding frame EuroColl ACR120803 H 300mm

Product no.: ACR120803

Pallet folding frame  EuroColl  ACR120803 H 300mm