Lightweight & Medium pallets

Our export pallets are made of HDPE, PP or their regenerates and so-called mixed plastics. Our plastic pallets are injected into the injection mold in one shot under extremely high pressure and heat.

Plastic pallets are ISPM 15 / NIMF 15 compliant and are not covered by the regulations for solid wood ("non manufactured wood"). The treatment or gassing with the insecticide methyl bromide as well as an IPPC marking required for wooden pallets are not necessary for one-way pallets made of plastic! Exporters also call them shipping pallets, Sirex pallets, Australia pallets, China pallets, USA pallets etc. Heat treatment and IPPC marking as well as phytosanitary certificates and other evidence are never necessary for plastic pallets.

That is why the number of our customers is constantly increasing. High stocks, short delivery times, favorable annual contracts - we look forward to your inquiry.
Advantages of plastic pallets versus wooden pallets:

They don't absorb water, therefore always the same weight

No mold

Less pollution

No protruding (rusty) nails

No more injuries from splinters / nails etc

Much lighter than wooden and pressed pallets (easier on the back)

Space-saving storage (up to 80 pieces / stack)

No fumigation & no certificates required

No country-specific differences to consider

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1200x800 Lightweight euro plastic-pallet ASF800L

Product no.: ASF800L

Delivery weight: 5.6 kg


Product no.: ACP114


Product no.: ACP114L

1200x800 Lightweight euro plastic-pallet ASF800NL

Product no.: ASF800NL

Delivery weight: 4.7 kg

1340x1100 Medium pallet ASF13411

Product no.: ASF13411 (3R-CD)

1300x1100 Medium pallet ASF1311

Product no.: ASF1311 (3R-CD)

1200x1000 Euro-pallet ACP1210-881PO

Product no.: ACP1210-881PO

1200x800 Euro-pallet ACP1208-878PO

Product no.: ACP1208-878PO

1200x800 Euro-pallet ACP1208-888PO

Product no.: ACP1208-888PO

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