Plastic pallets

Lightweight pallets

Lightweight pallets

Lightweight or one-way plastic pallets meet even the strictest export conditions of all countries and are ISPM15 compliant. We also offer very inexpensive export pallets made from regenerated materials.

Reusable pallets

Reusable pallets

Reusable plastic pallets are robust, hygienic and very stable. Arcawa supplies reusable pallets / plastic pallets in various sizes and designs.

Hygienic pallets

Hygienic pallets

Arcawa's hygienic pallets are made from 1A pure HDPE material. Ideal for use by food manufacturers and in the demanding pharmaceutical sector.

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Product no.: ACP090UL

800x600 Half-pallet AIP600PP-OD

Product no.: AIP600PP-OD

800x600 Half-pallet ASF 600P-POOL

Product no.: ASF600P-POOL

1200x800 Lightweight euro plastic-pallet ASF800L

Product no.: ASF800L

Delivery weight: 5.6 kg

1200x800 Euro-pallet AIP1208UNI-OD

Product no.: AIP1208UNI-OD

1200x800 Euro-pallet AIP1208UNI-CD

Product no.: AIP1208UNI-CD

1200x800 Euro-pallet AIP1208PP-OD

Product no.: AIP1208PP-OD

1200x800 Euro-pallet AIP1208PP-CD

Product no.: AIP1208PP-CD

1200x800 V3 Hygienic pallet

Product no.: AIP1208V3

New 1200x800 Hygienic pallet V3-CR

Product no.: AIP1208V3-CR

1200x1000 Industry pallet AIP1210PP-CD

Product no.: AIP1210PPOOL-CD


Product no.: ABP1208-18CD

1200x800 Euro-pallet ACP1208-878PO

Product no.: ACP1208-878PO

1200x800 Euro-pallet ACP1208-888PO

Product no.: ACP1208-888PO

1200x800 Euro-pallet AKA1208 PHY-OD

Product no.: AKA1208PHY-OD

1200x800 Lightweight euro plastic-pallet ASF800L

Product no.: ASF800NL

Delivery weight: 4.7 kg

New 1200x800 Euro-pallet ACR1208-CS1

Product no.: ACR1208-CS1