Foldable Pallet-containers

Foldable Pallet-containers

The pallet containers and foldable paloxes from Arcawa can be quickly set up and put together again by one person. Collapsible pallet containers take up much less space during transport and thus significantly reduce freight costs for empties. But there are also advantages within empty storage in your warehouse; thanks to the volume-reducing pallet boxes all the saved space can be used for other needs.

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HiBox121010 Foldable pallet box

Product no.: HiBox121010


Product no.: HiBox120810

SSP HiBox120810 Foldable pallet-box -ESD

Product no.: SSP HiBox120810-ESD

Foldable Rollbox ASF 0806-SDP

Product no.: ASF0806-SDP


Product no.: 14K100AGG


Product no.: 14K120AGG


Product no.: 14K130AGG

SSP HiBox120810 Foldable pallet-box SSP

Product no.: SSP HiBox120810-SSP

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