1200x800 V3 Hygienic pallet

Product no.: AIP1208V3
The Arcawa V3 Hygienic pallet, in Euro-pallet size. This pallet is completely closed (has no grooves where dirt could acumulate, esily cleaned) and is designed for the highest demands of the food and pharma industries.
This pallet is usually produced with 3 skids, can however be made with 9 feet, instead.
The skids can optionally be made without any safety grooves as well.
  1200x800xH155 mm
  18 kg
  With safety border 
  HDPE virgin material
  Black, grey, white, beige, red, blue
  Static load max. 4800 kg
  Dynamic load max. 1200 kg 
  Rack load max.  1000 kg
  15 pcs = 1 shipping unit 


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