Arcawa is a specialist and one of the leading companies for plastic pallets and pallet boxes, and has an extensive range of inexpensive disposable pallets and high-quality, shelf-compatible reusable pallets, as well as hygiene pallets made of plastic. Because the raw material of our plastic pallets, pallet frames and paloxes is subject to considerable fluctuations every day, we'll gladly calculate our offer to you on a daily basis and very tightly calculated based on the quantity requested, including freight costs.


We deliver our plastic pallets in whole packaging units, whenever possible directly from the factory. This reduces handling and packaging costs, and premature wear of the pallets. In addition, considerable transport costs are saved in part because we make optimal use of the available interior height of the trucks and work efficiently with selected freight forwarders across Europe.

For you as a bulk consumer and regular pallet orderer, our framework contracts with on-demand deliveries are particularly interesting, both financially but also in terms of security of supply and reduction of inventory. Don't hesitate to inquire us about it, it's worth it!