Reusable pallets

Reusable pallets

Plastic pallets are hygienic and easy to clean. Plastic pallets have a higher purchase price but also a much longer lifespan. Arcawa pool pallets have become particularly popular in tough reusable logistics
It is also possible to print your logo on the plastic pallets or to produce the pallets in special colors for larger quantities. It's worthwhile to send us an inquiry.

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800x600 Half-pallet ASF 600P-POOL

Product no.: ASF600P-POOL

1200x800 Euro-pallet AIP1208UNI-CD

Product no.: AIP1208UNI-CD

1200x800 Euro-pallet AIP1208PP-CD

Product no.: AIP1208PP-CD

800x600 Half-pallet AIP600PP-OD

Product no.: AIP600PP-OD

1200x800 hygienic pallet AIP1208H1

Product no.: AIP1208H1

1200x800 Euro-pallet AIP1208UNI-OD

Product no.: AIP1208UNI-OD

1200x800 Euro-pallet AIP1208PP-OD

Product no.: AIP1208PP-OD

1200x1000 ISO-pallet ASF1000NM

Product no.: ASF1000NM

1200x1000 Industry pallet with open deck

Product no.: AIP1210UNI-OD

1200x1000 Industry pallet AIP1210PP-CD

Product no.: AIP1210PPOOL-CD


Product no.: ABP1208-18CD

1200x800 Euro-pallet AKA1208 PHY-OD

Product no.: AKA1208PHY-OD

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